PSA: Ladies

When did degrading other females become a thing? I don’t understand why women try to discourage other women. Shouldn’t we all be sticking together; boosting each other up? I don’t want to hear shit like “why do you wear so much makeup?” or “that dress is way too short?”. I wear makeup because I like to do it and if my dress is too short for you than don’t look at it??? I walked out of my house this way, feeling good about myself and you are trying to ruin that with a slick ass comment. No.

REALIZE THIS: a person could of battled so many demons in their head to get to where they are today and you are about to destroy that progress with your ignorant comment. Instead of bringing down other ladies, use that energy to love yourself.



Just wait…

I remember being about 12 or 13 when I felt like my world was crashing in. I thought maybe the world would be better without me in it. My mind would drift off into this overwhelming amount of negativity. As I would sit there, alone in my house, the thoughts would continue to intensify. 

That was all in seventh grade. My world was SO small then…

Here I am eight years later. I am alive. I am happy. Something I would of never even imagined possible back then. The point is, no matter how heavy depression can get, it WILL get better. I am living proof. 

My heart gets very heavy whenever I hear about someone taking their own life. I am here for you all (whether I know you or not) this world is too brutal to go through it all alone. 

Please remember how important you are. 


I have been on this planet for 20 years and even though I feel as if I have been through a lot so far…  there is a lot of my life left to be lived. 

This blog will be an unfiltered version of what is going on in my head. I will post about past endeavors, present feelings and future dreams. I am just a young girl who has many thoughts on a daily basis to just be kept in her head.

So here you go…